Hamlet Cause and Effect Essay

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Hamlet’s Soliloquy – Act IV, Scene IV Is there a formula to successfully attract today’s audience to a traditional Shakespearian play? The 2009 BBC production of Hamlet, directed by Gregory Doran, is true to the Shakespearean play and does not take liberties in changing the original script. The production is a contemporary adaptation and appeals to a target audience of young to middle-aged intellectuals. Hamlet’s speech in Act IV, Scene IV, strongly impacts its audience through the recurring use of modern-day technology, the cast itself, and costume and set design. At the beginning of Scene IV, the director’s use of technology catches the viewer’s attention immediately. War is about to break out between Norway and Poland, and soldiers can be seen carrying guns. A helicopter further emphasizes the contemporary feel of the movie. The audience relates to present-day conflicts, such as the war in Afghanistan. Hamlet’s speech causes the audience to reflect on the senselessness of war and the fact that our men and women are dying every day for a goal set by politicians that will bring little reward to the individual soldier. Throughout the film, Hamlet is shown with a video camera, and in particular during the speech, he uses it to record his private thoughts regarding the situation he faces. His personal video diary has the effect on the audience of providing insight into his conflict and bringing about empathy toward the character. This soliloquy also gives the audience a sense of intimacy with Hamlet, as they are privy to this information, while none of the other characters in the film are. This adaptation makes use of a security camera within the palace. The effect on the audience is to wonder who is watching the movements of the characters. They are left with a feeling that no one in the palace is safe from the watchful eye. The audience can relate

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