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Hamlet Assignment Act I, Scene 1 8. What are some of the things that indicate to us the sentries in the opening scene are not very high in the hierarchy of the army? They seem foolish. They are guarding the castle. In the night, they bump into each other and think that they bumped into a ghost. They said that the ghost of King Hamlet might have appeared. They are doing nightshifts and long day shifts which indicate they are not of the royal or high class. Also they don’t seem very knowledgeable. 9. Why did the soldiers ask Horatio to accompany them on sentry duty? The soldiers think that Horatio can speak to the ghost since he is a scholar. He also wants to know if the guards are telling the truth. He wants to see if the ghost actually exists and if it’s of old king Hamlet. The he might be able to pass on this information to Hamlet if its true. 10. Why does Horatio come to the conclusion that the Ghost has returned to warn of some looming crisis facing Denmark? The ghost looked portentous to Horatio. The ghost had an armour on along with a warlike appearance. That’s why he thought that there may be some crisis heading their way. 11. What political event does Horatio relate the appearance of the Ghost to? Horatio said that the king of Norway was killed by Old Hamlet (King of Denmark). Therefore the king of Norway’s prince is coming to seek revenge from prince Hamlet for his father’s death. This is why the ghost may be appearing. 12. What were the five traditional reasons for the appearance of ghosts? There are five or more reasons of why the ghosts might appear. One reason could be trauma. They died so early and suddenly, that the ghost felt trauma. Therefore, its soul didn’t rest in peace and it came back. The second reason could be revenge. The ghost wanted to take revenge from his killer, as the killer hasn’t been punished for his crime yet.

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