Hamlet Archetype Essay Gr 12 71%

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The archetype of the vigilante has always been part of literature, from the Furies in Greek mythology to The Count of Monte Cristo, to modern superheroes such as Batman. The need to punish evil has always been part of the hero, but the vigilante takes it one step further. What happens when one cannot defeat evil with just means? Does one stain one’s hand with evil to destroy evil or remain steadfastly just even if it means surrendering to evil? The vigilante would the former. The vigilante’s determination to punish the wicked is coupled with a haunted past that causes them to sacrifice their relationships and avenge the dead. Living in a world of grey, the vigilante’s view the world as only black and white; one is just or one is evil. The vigilante carries out justice in their own manner and in their own manner that they often begin to question their own morality. There is often one companion that the vigilante can seek help from and reaffirm their belief in doing the right thing; the side kick. The vigilante is a memorable archetype that relates to the audience in that is more realistic than a pure and just hero, and the emotions that one feels when one sees crimes going unpunished. The vigilante haunted by the past, morally ambiguous, sacrifices all relationships except for the side kick in order to bring punishment to the wicked. In Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Prince Hamlet is so determined to get his revenge for the murder of his father; he adopts the archetype of the vigilante. The beginning of the vigilante is a traumatic past. The count of Monte Cristo is haunted by his unjust arrest; Batman is haunted by the murder of his parents; similarly, Hamlet is haunted by the murder of his father. Hamlet, upon learning the murder of his father, swears his life to avenge his father. Since hamlet is the only person who learned of the truth
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