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AMAKA MODEBE Thesis Statement: THROUGH PROCASTIONATION, HAMLET SHOWS HIS FEAR. MR KAYE Word count The theme of procrastination is very important as it is portrayed through the main character in the play ‘Hamlet’. Hamlet procrastinates the vengeance of his father’s death after he returns from university in Germany to find his father dead; his mother married to the king’s brother Claudius, and Claudius newly self-crowned King. Hamlet cannot come to terms with the situation he has come back from school to meet. Not only is his father dead, but his mother instead of mourning her husband’s death as she should, has gone ahead and married her brother-in-law only a month after her husband’s own death. After the funeral, the spirit of King Hamlet appears to Bernardo and Marcellus while they are guarding the palace. Hamlet’s friend Horatio investigates the unrest of the former king’s spirit. They inform Hamlet about the spirit’s pacing on the battlements. Hamlet decides to join them so he can actually see if this spirit is his dead father for himself. Hamlet eventually encounters the spirit and asks the reason for its return. In private, the spirit tells Hamlet that Claudius is responsible for his death and how he killed him through the quote “Upon my secure hour thy uncle stole, with juice cursed hebona in a vial, And in the porches of mine ears did pour” (1.5:61-63). He also tells hamlet why his spirit is not at rest. This is so because Claudius killed him when he “...blossoms of my sin” (1.5:76) therefore not giving him enough time to repent. This earned him imprisonment in purgatory. King Hamlet wants Hamlet to seek revenge for his death though Hamlet already swore to avenge his death in the quote “I have sworn’t” (1.5:112) but he wants to investigate if the accusations are true. To investigate this, Hamlet brings his favourite acting troupe to re-enact

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