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Hamlet The play I am writing about is Hamlet written by William Shakespeare. It was performed 1600-1601 on page 361 in the textbook Experience Humanities by Roy T. Mathews, F. Dewitt Platt and Thomas F.X. Noble. Hamlet is a play about revenge for his father’s death; he is struggling with two conflicting sides. Hamlet’s morality needed to vindicate his father’s murder. As the play goes on Hamlet disputes if he should go through with his revenge against his Uncle for his so-called role in his father’s chilling murder. His indecision about the truth of the hallucinations he is having of his father stops him from taking action. Furthermore, Hamlet’s revenge put on hold due to his righteous and spiritual beliefs block his courage to take action. The genre of this play is a revenge tragedy, with the appropriate traits that are usual for all plays of this type. We have Hamlet playing as the Protagonist; he is the Prince of Denmark. He portrayed as a considerate and dramatic philosopher of peace. To Hamlet, no actions are the right action. “The thought that any action will not always yield good results” (SparkNotes Editors.) As his weakness to trust his judgment, leads to his destruction. All though Hamlet questions what formerly was taken for granted. He was significantly terrified when the vision of his father’s allegations that his father was murdered by his Uncle. Hamlet dedicates himself to avenging his father’s death. Claudius and Gertrude worried about Hamlets bizarre behavior and wanted to find the cause Polonius, the pompous Lord Chamberlain, advised that Hamlet did seem madly in love with Ophelia. Which is Polonius’ daughter. Therefore, Claudius had come to terms to spy on Hamlet. Although Hamlet was, mad but was not in love with Ophelia. However, Ophelia was ordered to enter a nunnery by Polonius, as he wants to ban marriage. As Hamlet

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