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The Love and Action Evident in Hamlet The famous play, Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, is a piece of literature that will forever be remembered for its vivid examples of human behavior. Though not unlike many of Shakespeare’s other tragedies, Hamlet seems to capture the decisions and reactions of many of the characters involved, and many readers argue over how to categorize this tale. The best way to define Hamlet is as a love story and as an action adventure. Hamlet’s love for a young lady, Ophelia, really made the play a tragic love story. Hamlet loved Ophelia very much, and yet her father, Polonius, and her brother, Laertes, forbid her to continue their relationship. Ophelia internally struggles and says,”I do not know my lord, what I should think. ” (1.3) She tries to defend her and Hamlet’s love by saying, “He hat, my lord, of late made many tenders of his affection to me. My lord, he hath importuned me with love in honorable fashion.” (1.3) Polonius says that Hamlet is not really in love with Ophelia, and that his words and love are only a trap. “Aye, springes to catch woodcocks. Do not believe his vows, for they are brokers. (1.3) Ophelia does not know what to do, so she does what many young girls would do in her situation, she gives up. She tells her father, “I shall obey, my lord”, and the classic Shakespeare love story is made. Ophelia’s decision to obey her father and end things with Hamlet leads to Hamlet turning mad. When Hamlet is unable to love Ophelia as he once did, he becomes very upset, and he even begins to go crazy. It is understandable for him to do this. Imagine having to give up love and not being able to continue a relationship because of external influences. Soon Ophelia begins to think Hamlet has gone mad. She tells her “Lord Hamlet… doublet all unbraced…as if he had been loos’ed out of hell to speak horrors – he comes before me.”

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