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Following the Great Chain of Being In the Hamlet, King Hamlet was killed by his own brother King Claudius with poison. After that, the Great Chain of Being was disrupted and universal disaster happened. Some major and horrific events that have happened were the death of Polonius, Ophelia, Queen Gertrude, Hamlet, Laertes, and King Claudius. Polonius and Gertrude were talking in a room when Hamlet comes in. Polonius then hides behind the tapestry hanging on the wall so Hamlet would not see him. While Hamlet was talking with Queen Gertrude, also known as his mother, he mistook Polonius for King Claudius and stabs him to death with a knife through the tapestry. After the death of Polonius, King Claudius sent Hamlet to England to collect a tribute that is owed to Denmark. But the real reason the King is sending Hamlet it to get rid of him or otherwise, assassinate him. While Hamlet was gone Ophelia had died. Queen Gertrude reported that Ophelia climbed into a willow tree and the branch broke and she fell into the brook where she had drowned. But the church had denied what she said, and believed that Ophelia had committed suicide by falling into the brook and drowning herself. Soon after the death of Ophelia came the death of Queen Gertrude. King Claudius dropped a poisoned pearl into the cup and offered it to Hamlet who did not take a drink. Queen Gertrude then dies when she mistakenly drinks poisoned wine that was intended for Hamlet. Later Laertes succeeds in wounding Hamlet with the poison sword but Hamlet does not die immediately. Laertes is then cut by his own sword blade and Hamlet picks up the poisoned sword and stabs King Claudius with it and then forces him to drink the rest of the poisoned wine. In the end, Laertes, King Claudius, and Hamlet all die from being poisoned by either the sworde or the wine. In the end, as soon as King Hamlet was killed by King

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