Hamlet Essay

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Assignment #2 William Shakespeare is one of the most well known playwrights to have performed and write in the world of theater. He is regarded as one of the greatest writers in the English language due to his extensive reliance on sensory imagery to reflect and reinforce themes within his work. In the play Hamlet, Shakespeare illustrates themes of madness and betrayal through an abundance of imagery to ultimately give more character traits to the variety of actors. The popularity of Shakespeare’s plays is derived from the audience’s ability to understand vivid descriptive language that appeals to one or more senses to ultimately create the underlying themes a writer wants. Shakespeare utilizes a variety of complex languages to create metaphors and similes that are essential to the imagery within his plays. The play begins centered around an apparition that keeps appearing in front of two officers, Marcellus and Bernardo who are watchmen walking the ramparts of Elsinore. When the two watchmen attempt to tell Horatio, a loyal friend of Hamlet, he feels very skeptical about the situation but is finally convinced when he sees the ghost. Horatio also see the resemblance of the dead King of Denmark, Hamlet’s father and assumes that the ghost brings a premonition of impending misfortune or attack for the country of Denmark. Since the ghost refuses to speak to Horatio, he decides to find Hamlet so that the ghost may talk to his own beloved son and figure out the truth behind this apparition’s appearance. As Hamlet continues to sulk about his father’s death, celebrations commence for the new king, Claudius, ultimately diminishing the respect for Danes in the eyes of Hamlet as well as his father. As Hamlet’s life continues to spiral downhill, the ghost appears in the distance and it beckons to Hamlet to follow it. With nothing more to lose, Hamlet actually displays a

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