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23/2/14 English Essay Even though the play consists of a significant number of misfortunes and deaths; from my perspective Ophelia’s death appears to be the most tragic. Ophelia was the daughter of Polonius who was the Lord chamberlain; the second man to the King. She also had a brother named Laertes. It is known her mother died when she was much younger. King Claudius came into power by murdering his brother King Hamlet I by poisoning him. One night a ghost appeared to Hamlet, the ghost claimed to be his father. The ghost explained to Hamlet how Claudius came to power. He further stated that Hamlet should avenge his death. Hamlet believed the ghost, and was greatly affected by what he had seen. This went on to affect his behavior towards everyone. He then began to plan as the ghost of his father had instructed him to avenge his death. The change in his behavior was so dramatic that it alerted Claudius’s conscience and he became uneasy. He decided to use Ophelia as bait to get closer to Hamlet. Her innocence was being abused here, as well as her emotions sadly; Ophelia had no say in whether to involve herself in this political mess, because she lived in a patriarchal world. Ophelia lived in a patriarchal world, a world where men were in control and women had no say. Unless they were married, they were under their fathers control; they did and said as they were told. Even if they were married they were still under their husband’s control. Women were viewed as second-class citizens. Polonius showed this in Act One Scene Three, when Ophelia and Polonius were talking about her relationship with Hamlet, ‘You speak like a green girl’ Shakespeare in my opinion chooses the words Polonius uses when talking to Ophelia carefully. Polonius saying Ophelia is a ‘green girl’ is saying she was behaving young and naive. Also Shakespeare must have used

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