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The other visual interpretation that I found to compare Joe Morses too was the Disney version of Casey at the Bat. Everything about the Disney version screams cartoon and classic Disney. The overall feel of the story is happy and fun. In the YouTube video I watched starts off singing and birds chirping. You can tell that Disney changed the feel to be a lot more children friendly and I am going to investigate the characters and how they were developed, the setting and how it affects your reactions about what is going on and your perception about the events occurring and finally the mood throughout the overall play. To start off comparing the characters in each interpretation of the play, they are very different. In the Joe Morse version, the characters were abstract, angry characters. Loud personalities were shown throughout both but in this version they were loud with anger, frustration and you got the impersonation that they were scary people. Tall, strong and went to the gym twice a day kind of people, the leader type of athletes. In the Disney version they were the cute, clumsy athletes that you feel bad for. With their own unique facial characteristics, and dopy personalities shining through, this version is a lot friendlier and always bright and cheery. Secondly, the setting of each version varied a lot. In the Morse interpretation, the illustrator made it like a battle. It was drawn dark and full of anger. All scenes were mostly greys and dark blues, in reflection to the characters and tone of the play. The stadiums in this version was loud and fans getting just as mad as the players. There was food flying and it is a lot more realistic. The setting was shown to make me think of a downtown, scary ghetto setting. In the Disney version, they showed it to be, once again, a more friendly environment. You wouldn’t take your kids to the first setting, but

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