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Hamlet Essay

  • Submitted by: silvermistkat
  • on December 2, 2013
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Carolyn Readmond
November 12, 2012
English IV AP
2003 Essay

Hamlet is not just a play about the suffering of the individual Hamlet; it is a play full of sorrow and pain in a wide multitude of characters.   And all this misery and unhappiness is all bundled together and forced upon Hamlet, transforming him into a tragic hero.   His suffering parallels many other character’s, allowing Hamlet to be the gateway for other characters to see their own reflection of misery; letting them see their own sorrow by seeing someone else’s.   This conglomeration of suffering thrust upon Hamlet also represents the tragic vision of the entire play and what can happen to a person, or those close to that person, when the suffering is not immediately addressed.
The main source of Hamlet’s suffering is brought on by his deceased father.   When Hamlet’s father asked him to seek revenge against Claudius, Hamlet was thrown into a very delicate and tricky situation.   Of course, Hamlet wanted to avenge his father’s death, but his own irresolution and procrastination ultimately lead him to progress into madness.   The second King Hamlet asked his son to avenge him, he transferred the full front of his own suffering onto his son.   Hamlet, already in a start of anguish, was forced to carry yet another burden upon his back.   Then, instead of dealing with his problem right away, like he probably should have, Hamlet keeps on delaying the confrontation with Claudius, and during that time span, more and more people are forced to suffer the side effects that Hamlet’s inner suffering is causing.   By holding in all of his own suffering as well as absorbing everyone else’s misery, Hamlet is thrown into a state of insanity.   But this insanity affects those around him; inflicting more pain on the people he loves causing his own madness to worsen even more.
Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother, unintentionally projects her own woes upon her son.   First, her marrying Claudius so shortly after Hamlet’s father...

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