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Hamlet Essay Hamlet is a very sensitive kid that has a lot of problems. By not being an adult and making decisions wisely it messes up his whole life. Hamlet is more of a kid in the play which is the downfall to his life. Hamlet overthinks too much, he’s borderline insane, and doesn’t listen to his parents very well. He ruins his whole life for himself. Hamlet also over thinks too much which makes him even more insane and he gets easily confused. Hamlet has many problems throughout the play which all add up to his downfall. During Hamlet’s life, he must interact with many people. Each time he has several possible ways to act, because of his obsessive nature and childish instinct, he often chose to sacrifice relationships in order to accomplish other goals and feel better about his situation. Many times, Hamlet could have tried to confront people concerning the way they were acting, but instead chose to ignore them, or in more extreme cases, end their existence. I can’t stress enough how different the situation could have been had Hamlet not letting his childish emotions get the best of him. Hamlet is only teen in the play and you can easily tell that by the way he acts. Hamlet was off at college and came back to his kingdom where his father was murdered. He had all the evidence he needed but being the child that he is, he couldn’t kill his uncle even on his father’s wish. Also being a child, Hamlet makes so many wrong decisions. In Act IV, Hamlet kills the girl he loves father, (Ophelia) which causes her to kill herself. By making bad decisions throughout the play Hamlets life gets worse. One more situation that Hamlet could have handled better was talking to the supposed ghost of his father. Instead of taking the information he got from a ghost and acting on it, he spent a whole lot of time trying to prove the information, while this effort to prove the

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