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Hamlet is a character from the play Hamlet written by Shakespeare. The play is about how Prince Hamlet’s father King Hamlet died and later Hamlet found out that he was murdered. The ghost of King Hamlet is the one who told Hamlet that he was murdered by King Hamlet’s brother, Claudius. After the death of King Hamlet, Claudius became king and married Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude. Hamlet ends up killing Claudius out of revenge along with Polonius and Laertes, but Hamlet loses his life as well. Hamlet is a scholar; he is a very intelligent person who was back in Denmark from the University of Wittenberg because of his father’s funeral. Some people say Hamlet is crazy, others say he is a genius; it is all up to how you take him to be. Hamlet is in a depressed state at the beginning of the play. He is mourning over his father’s death and the marriage of his mother and Claudius doesn’t help either. He calls it incest and cannot believe his mother would do such a thing. The marriage was soon after the funeral of his father. Hamlet thinks it is way too soon, which leaves him in disgust. He states this a few times in the play as well as calling the marriage incest. Hamlet comes off to be crazy a few times during the play when his actions seem to be questionable. A couple of these incidents are when he talks about suicide, and when he stabs Polonius without even thinking about it. Polonius is hiding behind a curtain while Hamlet is talking to his mother, and without even checking to see who is behind the curtain, Hamlet stabs him, ending Polonius’s life. This is an odd action for Hamlet because towards the beginning of the play, Hamlet seems to have to think out his actions before doing them. The ghost tells Hamlet that he was murdered by Claudius, which that right there is enough evidence for an average person to believe that Claudius is guilty, but Hamlet has to

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