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Hamlet Essay

  • Submitted by: coco143
  • on March 3, 2008
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Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare, has been considered one of the most complex plays throughout history. The main character in this play, Prince of Denmark, Hamlet is the reason for that complexity. Hamlet’s character goes through a lot of changes during the play. His multiple personality and the way he projects himself during the play plays a very huge role in his decision making. Throughout the play, his character portrays sanity, madness, procrastination, and finally revenge.
In Act I, Scene I, Hamlet is shown as a son mourning for his father’s death. There is also bitterness towards his mother because she has remarried so quickly, to none other than his uncle. He feels like she has betrayed his father and him. Everything changes when the ghost appears in front of Hamlet in Scene V, “Ghost: I am thy father’s spirit/Doom’d for a certain term to walk the night” (1.5.10). His father’s spirit informs Hamlet that he was murdered, “Ghost: Murder most foul” (1.5.28). The ghost also tells him about his mother being unfaithful during their marriage. He even warns Hamlet not to kill his mother but to make her feel guilty of what she has done. The ghost wanted Gertrude to feel the guilt till she completely withered away, “Ghost: Leave her to heaven / And to those thorns that in her bosom lodge/To prick and sting her” (1.5.87). Just learning about his father’s murder and not doing something irrational totally shows some sort of sanity on Hamlet’s part. Not taking revenge right after knowing that information took a lot of courage. Instead, his mind starts to maneuver into thinking brilliant tactics to take revenge.
In Act IV, Hamlet shows his intelligence after he learns about his execution in England planned by Claudius. He escapes his death marvelously and raises little suspicion. If he was dim-witted he would have never figured out Claudius plans and would have died very early in the play. His tactics were genius, playing an idiot to fool his enemies of...

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