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As a story traditionally develops, so do the characters. This statement is incredibly true in William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet. Hamlet is a story that centers on a son’s lust for revenge after his father, King Hamlet, is murdered by his brother, Claudius. Every character develops as the play continues to progress, and the attention that is drawn to them illuminates issues of central importance to the play as a whole. The ghost of Hamlet falls into this predicament. The ghost of Hamlet is an extremely important character for many reasons. Without the ghost of Hamlet in the play, in theory, the entire play wouldn’t even exist. There are three different scenes where the ghost appears to the other characters. The first time the ghost appears is in Act I Scene I where Bernado, Francisco, Horatio, and Marcellus are standing on watch and they see a mysterious figure. This figure happens to be the ghost of Hamlet. The guards are instantly frieghtened. They realize it is the ghost of the late King, but they do not know whether it is sent by God or by the Devil. “In the same figure like the King that’s dead.” (Hamlet Line 46 1.1) The apparition of the late King is never really resolved whether it is a good or bad one, even after the conclusion of the play. The King’s ghost does not speak at all to Horatio or the guards. They decide that the only person who will really be able to figure out what the apparition “is” would be the son of the deceased King, Prince Hamlet. “…Let us impart what we have seen tonight unto young Hamlet; for, upon my life, this spirit dumb to us will speak to him.” (Hamlet Line 185 1.1). The spiritual being gives the readers a mysterious insight to the events that have currently taken place. For example, the only reason a ghost comes back to the living realm, is if some horrible action has taken place, and the ghost wants

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