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Hamlet In the tragic play “hamlet” by William Shakespear, the protagonist hero, hamlet, is endowed with a tragic imperfection of being over-emotional and having an inability to act. In the beginning of the play, Hamlet seems to be very frank in his actions and mental state. However, in the following act, Hamlet’s intentions change which begin to confuse him. Hamlet displays a deceitful and confusing nature because of all the internal tribulations he faces. He displays a couple of inconsistencies throughout the play; each decision he seems to make becomes an internal struggle and battle between two forces inside of him. He contemplates and ponders every decision. Hamlet is incapable of going beyond words and thoughts into action which cause him to remain an indecisive and stagnant character throughout the whole play. In the first act, Hamlet gives the audience the denotation that he is strong, and resilient in his actions. Queen Gertrude even senses that Hamlet is tense after his fathers death and asks him a question of why he ‘seems’ melancholical. He quickly shoots back with “seems madam? Nay, it is. I know not seems.” (Act 1 Scene 2, pg. 22) Here Hamlet even goes as far to tell his mother that she is the only “seeming” person (a whore). After the exeunt of these characters, Hamlet runs into Horatio, Marcellos and Bernardo. These three claim that they have indeed just seen the ghost of Hamlets father, King Hamlet. Hamlet then ventures off into the “dark” abyss leaving behind all pseudo-consciousness in search for the truth in what lye ahead. Upon his venture, Hamlet learns the truth of his fathers death from the ghost and that it was his Uncle Claudius who poisoned the king to snatch the throne and marry Queen Gertrude. At that very moment, Hamlet declares that it is whole intent of his heart and consciousness to seek revenge for his father and kingdom

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