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Claudius and Hamlet In the play of Hamlet, both Claudius and Hamlet are out to kill each other. However, in the end of the play it is shown that hatred and revenge only make situations worse. Hamlet didn’t like the fact that Claudius was going to become his new father right after the king had died, and he did not appreciate how Claudius and his mother acted like nothing had happened. Once Hamlet found out that Claudius was the one who killed his father, he especially wanted him dead. He plotted many schemes to try and kill him, but they never quite worked out the way he had planned. Claudius did not like Hamlet being around because he felt like he only started trouble and that the death of his father and his love for Ophelia had caused him to go crazy. He tried to send Hamlet to England claiming that time away from Ophelia would be good for him and that he would have time to relax from the hardships he was facing due to the death of his father. His plot was to have him killed while in England so that he wouldn’t return back. The plan didn’t end up working out and Hamlet ended up getting sent back home. Due to tension and frustration between Hamlet and Claudius, they both plot many different schemes to try and kill each other throughout the play. Hamlet tries to seek revenge on Claudius from the very beginning of the play. When the ghost of King Hamlet appears and tells Hamlet that Claudius had killed him by pouring poison into his ear, Hamlet became infuriated. In scene 5 Hamlet goes on speaks of how Claudius should just be dead since he killed his father. He says, “Does it not, think thee, stand me now upon--…. In further evil?” (5.2.63-70). The fact that Claudius is even alive irritates Hamlet, and neither of them like each other from the beginning of the play. “Hamlet says it would be ‘perfect conscience’ to kill Claudius for the sake of the common good to

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