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Cindy Reichardt English 102 Mrs. Cornet 11/04/2011 Technology and Food Today’s society is extremely fast paced, largely due to the incorporation of technology into everyday life. Technology allows us to get a lot more things done, more quickly, however it also seems to keep us extremely busy. I believe that life with today’s technology forces us to eat anything that is quick and easy. The fast pace of technology leaves people with less time to prepare healthy meals. Technology has begun the obesity epidemic in America. Technology is changing the way we are eating certain foods. For example, instead of eating baked, or mashed potatoes, we are eating potato chips and frozen potatoes (Lambert). In an article in the New York Times, Eric Schlosser sums up a book called Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal. Schlosser tells us that deep inside a place called Cheyenne Mountain, there are U.S. military installations that host North American Aerospace Command, the Air Force Space Command, and the United States Space Command. Schlosser goes on to say that a Domino’s delivery truck can be seen nearby almost daily to feed the men and women who work there. He also tells the reader that the workers also eat at a nearby burger king. In addition, the author also somewhat blames the fast-food culture for part of our economical issues. This article is relevant to my argument because it links people who work with technology on a constant basis with fast food left as a last minute option for dinner (Schlosser). This article really shows how much our country relies on fast food as a “time-saver”. Fast food has become more popular than it was decades ago. Before we had all of this new technology, most families ate home cooked meals, either from the grocery store or from a garden or farm. Today, it is extremely common to eat at a fast food restaurant such as

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