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In the year 1564 a great play writer was born, he has set many of today’s love and other theories with famous plays, including; Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth and many more. I’m sure by now many of you know exactly who I am referring to? Of course it’s none else than William Shakespeare. Today I will be analysing if Shakespeare uses his characters to teach us about human nature, and what better way to do this than to use one of his most famous and longest plays, Hamlet. It is a play set on a young prince of Denmark, whose father had recently passed away. Hamlets Uncle Claudius marries the Queen and hence has taken the throne. Why am I telling you the storyline you may ask? Well hold on to your crowns, I did that to try and tell you indirectly who my two main characters will be...Can any of you guess? No...Ok, they are Hamlet and Polonius. Human Nature is the way life is, it includes the positives and negatives that life may throw at us. You may not consciously know but we make life changing decisions every time we speak. The two aspects of human nature I am going to be talking about are feelings and actions. Firstly let me begin with Hamlet himself, he is quite a mysterious character, there is always a little bit more than meets the eye. He is a very introvert type of person and doesn’t like to share everything, this is why I have chosen to base Feelings on him. “It is not, nor it cannot come to good; But break my heart,-for I must hold my tongue”. Hamlet releases all courage and lets go of his thoughts and feelings. He says the quote after he endured an unpleasant scene at the court in Act 1, scene 2, where he is asked by his mother and ‘King’ Claudius to stay in Denmark and not go back to studying. This was a very hard time for Hamlet as he could not do what he wished in life. He felt the need that suicide was the only option, but couldn’t due to religion, in

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