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Hamlet I do not particularly like Shakespeare’s plays. The story lines of the plays (the ones I have read) all seem to be very similar. Nevertheless, I enjoy analyzing the plays. Throughout this play I was left questioning myself as to who is to blame . Shakespeare left me guessing if it is the ghost at fault, Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius, or Hamlet himself. In retrospect, the play offers a deeper understanding of ourselves by examining the other characters. Shakespeare presents the madness of human nature in this way. Each character represents a particular trait we as mankind posses: * Hamlet = morality * Claudius = ambition * Gertrude = weakness * Heratio = loyalty * Ophelia = obedience * Laertes = impulsivness * Polonius = pomposity Every chatacter seems to posses a character trait that we as humans share. I found the women of the play to be rather plain. They were the ordinary woman of Sakespears time. Gertrude’s happiness depends on the comfort of men; while Ophelia is used as a pawn by every man (except haratio) in the play for she is naïve and inexperienced . Overall the women did have an important role in the play. Hamlet was greatly impacted by the two women. They seemed to emphazise his madness; for example, Hamlet comes to believe he can’t trust Ophelia (or women in general). I found this to be somewhat confusing at first but come time I realized it demonstrated who he has become. He wants her and he wants to protect her, but at the same time rejects her. Personally I thought the reasoning behind this was to protect her. I liked Hamlet because he was far from ordinary, yet in ways almost everything he did was understandable. Hamlet was intellectual,witty,philosophic,moral, chivalrous. Compared to the majority of other characters in the piece he seemed to posses many ideal qualities for a future king. I saw

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