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Ryan Scanlan Ms Venable Honors English 4. April 4, 2011 Does revenge directly correlate to one’s sanity? In Hamlet one can contest that it does. Hamlet is so caught up in getting revenge on Claudius for killing his father that it leads to him being insane whether he was “acting” the whole time or not. Hamlets insanity starts a snowball effect. Hamlet started being a jerk to Ophelia and she ended up committing suicide, then Hamlet stabbed Polonius which led to Laertes seeking revenge on his father’s killer. Revenge is what sanity in the play boils down to, but sanity effects revenge. Is revenge even justified? One can question whether it takes a truly insane person to want revenge, or if revenge really drives people insane. Revenge leads to the downfall of not only Hamlet but also Laertes and Claudius. Hamlet is trying to kill Claudius for his father not for himself, and if the impulse of revenge was not there in the end when Claudius killed his mother and Hamlet. “And then it started like a guilty thing upon a fearful summons.” (Hamlet 1.1.) Is the revenge in Hamlet justified? It is up in the air that whether Hamlets revenge is even justified, if it’s not then it led to other people’s deaths. But in my opinion it is justified but the killing of innocent people was not necessary, Claudius killed Hamlets father for the crown, the killing of his friends, Polonius, and the death of Ophelia was unnecessary. The downfall of Hamlet starts when he sees his father’s ghost and it is revealed that Claudius killed his father. From that point until his death Hamlet is so engorged in getting revenge that he is oblivious to everything around him. Revenge is an impulse and Hamlet had the chance to follow through with his plot for revenge when Claudius was in church, so he decided to wait, but revenge is strongest when it is fresh, as time went on his hunger for revenge

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