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The plot of Hamlet is based heavily on revenge and can be looked at in many different ways. Mainly it is Hamlet’s revenge on his uncle for killing his father, however there are some other characters involved, such as Laertes who plays a big part towards the end of the play. With Hamlet revenge starts right away, but it does not begin to fully develop until he puts together clues and evidence that really drives him to avenge his father’s death. It all starts when Hamlet sees the ghost and is informed there was foul play in his death. Once this occurs Hamlet begins acting different and it starts to get his friends and family suspicious. He may seem strange and come off as mad to certain people. However he has not lost his mind. An example is when Hamlet is talking to Polonius and he states, “this may be madness, yet there is method in it” ( II.ii.202). Polonius has been going around telling everyone that Hamlet is mad, even though Polonius is starting to realize that Hamlet might actually know what he is talking about and the truth behind his words. Later on Hamlet meets two friends who arrive at the castle and again he shows his intelligence. When Rosencrantz and Guildenstern show up unexpected and tell Hamlet they are just there to visit, he does not believe it. He is smart enough to know that something is going on and demands that they tell him. Hamlet is aware of what’s going on and is starting to figure out who he can and can’t trust. In this play Hamlet brings out the message of revenge in a different way. The way revenge is brought out in this play is in a continually postponed method; Hamlet is slowly trying to obtain more knowledge about what he is doing. Then he discusses to himself if revenge is even worth it, “to be, or not to be: that is the question…whether is it nobler in the mind to suffer… or to take arms against a sea of troubles”

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