Hamilton Compare And Contrast The Democrats And The Federalists

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When Washington’s term as president ended, the Americans had begun dividing into two camps. One side had still called themselves Federalists who supported Hamilton’s programs. Federalists came from the more prestigious churches and the more privileged segments of society. Jefferson called the party that opposed the Federalists Republicans. They identified it with individual liberties and heritage of the Revolution. The Republicans accused Hamilton and his Federalists of trying to bring about a British system in the United States economic system and government. The Republicans consisted of southern farmers and Scots-Irish farmers. They all feared that the commercial groups favored by Hamilton would corrupt politics in their pursuit of power and control. The Republicans wanted an America where the power remained in the farmers and planters hands. There were several main differences between the Federalists and Republicans. The Federalists favored a very strong central government and not one that limited the role of the national government like the Republicans wanted. The Republicans were very much against Hamilton’s economic program while the Federalists supported it. They were mostly merchants, speculators, creditors, manufacturers, and commercial farmers. These men opposed the French Revolution, insisting that the fear unleashed by…show more content…
A letter written by them that spoke of their squabbling and scathing attacks on the president was published by Aaron Burr, a crafty politician from New York. Wherever the Federalists went, the Republicans were there to attack, calling them monarchists plotting to undo the gains of the Revolution. That year the Republicans won the election by assembling voters through strong party organizations. Most of the new voters were Republicans; the Federalists had lost support due to the Direct Tax of 1798. It was in this election that the party formation climaxed and ended the Federalists
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