Hamerhab as a Scribe of the King Essay

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Haremhab as a Scribe of the King is a sculpture in the round. The sculpture is a statue of a human sitting cross-legged on a square base. The overall shape to the sculpture is triangular, narrower near the top and wider at the bottom, however does not form an exact triangle. The sculpture is made of grey granite. It is the grayish color of rocks or stones found in the woods with opaque speckles of orange rust. The texture of the sculpture appears rough in some spots because of chips in the material or missing pieces. The rest of the sculpture is smooth with a natural finish. There is nor a complete shine or matte-ness to this piece. The head of the sculpture seems life-like and the facial expression is neutral. The eyes look tired. No nose is present, but there is a roughness in texture like there once was a nose there, but has since been broken. A headpiece or stylized hair is boxy with faint horizontal ridges from the top of the head to the bottom. It looks as if hair would look in a hair net. It extends slightly past the shoulders and is separated so that it falls over each shoulder. This person is dressed in a dress that is either tight or see through, for the nipples, chest wrinkles and belly button can all still be seen. The sleeves stop about 5 inches above the elbow and flare out. The sleeves and lower half of the dress have coordinating horizontal pleats. The lower part of the dress stops at what seems just blow the knees, but it is hard to tell because the person is sitting Indian style. The right forearm looks as if it has been shaved off, but the right arm is holding an open scroll on the lap. On the left knee there is a lump that looks like a shell or decorative container. When viewing the piece from the side, the person had a rounded back. The square base that the person is sitting on is wider than it is tall and has ancient writing inscribed around the

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