Halo: The Fall Of Reach Essay

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Halo: the fall of reach Plot summery: The book starts off with Dr. Hensley and then lieutenant keys on a spacial military mission to study children. They studied hundreds of children and the ones they liked were abducted and put into the Spartan 2 program. The first one they studied was a boy name John who would later on become the master chief. The watched as john played in a game of king of the hill where john dominated the game next she put him into a test which invalid flipping coin and guessing which way it would land John again passed with ease. It seemed luck was on his side or he was unlucky because at that moment he was hand picked to become the first child to be put into the Spartan 2 program. Once all of the children were abducted they were taken to the planet reach were they would have to go threw military combat training ,problem solving, and historical war stories. It was here that he learn to wrk as a team he also meet his two best friends in my option Kelly and Sam. Kelly was the fastest out of all the Spartans and sam was the biggest and most likely the strongest. John always concerned with being the best finish first in the obstacle course but left his teammates out to dry and the finished last the nest day the worked as a team and thats how the friendship was formed. Chief Petty Officer Mendez who was in control of training all of the Spartan. Sent them of on a mission this time they had to find away back to the base and they has to leave on of there own behind. John found away to lead his team to the extraction point which was guarded by adult officer armed with handheld weapons who were told to attack the kids n sight. Not sure if the were comrades or not he had Kelly who was the fastest Spartan scout and become a decoy once. He also had Sam act like he was hurt to see what the man was going to do. He had the rest of his team hiding he

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