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Halo Essay

  • Submitted by: Burpywina48
  • on May 20, 2014
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Research Paper Thesis and Outline
Thesis: Although sex trafficking is a serious issue in United States, many parties are still ignorant and unaware of the consequences that it might bring to society. Therefore, identifying the root problems and solutions of sex trafficking should be encouraged to reduce the occurrence and to reinforce individual rights.

  * One of the major problems of sex trafficking in society is the degradation of the basic human rights.
“Every stage of the trafficking process can involve physical, sexual and psychological abuse and violence, deprivation and torture, the forced use of substances, manipulation, economic exploitation and abusive working and living conditions.” (United Nation)
It violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that says:
-“No one shall be held in slavery”
-“Everyone has the right not to be hurt, tortured or treated cruelly”
  * Sex trafficking requires immediate attention from public to address the seriousness of the problems. (Modern Slavery)
“Many professionals who interact with youth -- such as teachers, health care providers, and child welfare and law enforcement professionals -- are either unaware that trafficking and exploitation happen in their communities”
  * It is a necessity to recognize the main roots of sex trafficking in order to find solutions to the problems.
  * Poverty as one of the main cause of sex trafficking
As United States is a developed country, poverty is not the main issue that causes sex trafficking to occur. But rather the following below:
  * Greed and opportunism of the criminals
  * Lack of social and welfare support
  * Lack of educational opportunity
  * False viewed of sex trafficking through “the lens of prostitution” rather than acts of abuse and violence towards the victims.
  * Solutions are required to decrease and prevent sex trafficking from happening in society.
  * Laws should strengthen the violation rules and establish heavier...

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