Hallyu and Indonesia Essay

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HALLYU AND INDONESIA (Hallyu Status in Indonesia and Its Impact) Mukhtasar Syamsuddin Introduction In the era of globalization, the phenomenon of cultural interplay inevitably occurs. It means culture is an important element in building the communication between nations. Culture can also be a mediator for binding the social relationship of two or more different nations. Instead, the fragility of culture may break the communications and loosen the social ties that have been intertwined. Therefore, to share-cultural experience is to help the awakening of human understanding and motivation in developing cooperation among nations for mutual benefit. If there is any conflict, the experience of sharing culture can help to find an alternative road towards a productive solution. Through cultural diplomacy, South Korea, in a tactical and strategic approach has tried to share its culture followed by policy of political and economic in building its dignity. As revealed by Noam Chomsky, a noted linguist, author, and foreign policy expert when interviewed by Lee, it was said that South Korea has now achieved rapid economic growth after rising from poverty in the 1950s and apart from the shackles of imperialism. Its economic development was remarkable. It is becoming a lively, exciting society. Many things are happening. The 2010 GDP growth estimates are based on a Bloomberg survey of 28 economies including Europe. In this survey, South Korea Economy is shown higher than the US, with 3.95% as its growth estimate with 10th rank while the US is 2.60% and is ranked number 14. Since the 1960s, South Korea has been on a growth expressway, thereby earning an apt nickname as the ‘miracle on Han river.’ (http://www.economywatch.com/world_economy/south-korea/). Some experts claim that South Korea is now one of the most desirable models of development in the world. South Korea and

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