Halloween Night Essay

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It came out of nowhere. The cracked, white masked appeared in the darkness as we heard a gentle tap on the narrow glass window. Fear infiltrated my body as I stared one on one with this obscure being. Although glass separated us, it was as if his demonic stature was breathing down my neck. At 14 years old, I wasn’t scared of an abundance of things. It takes a lot to alarm me, but on that Halloween night I was appalled. It was my friend Ashlee’s twelfth birthday. For celebration, a few of our friends and I went to Dorney Park for the Octoberfest special. During the Halloween season at Dorney Park, haunted houses and pathways are arranged throughout the area. During the day, we established that we would ride the rollercoasters and then once the sun set, we would impel ourselves to progressively go towards the haunted houses. The haunted houses were very frightening. One in particular made me very uncomfortable, and I was chosen to lead the pack. The house was based on the movie IT, and if I had to choose my ultimate fear; it would be clowns. The first clown that appeared in the house chose me out of the 10 people to tease. He made me look like a fool to everyone and it seemed as if his red, painted smile began to mock me. As he looked at me, I began to see the malice in his eyes. He began to giggle in a terrific tone and walked away, but I began to feel like it would not be the final time I would perceive his grotesque face. The next house was more intimidating than the last one. As I stood there gazing at the dilapidated house, I shivered quickly as if ice had replaced my spine. The horrific feeling enveloped my entire body. Although I was wearing layers upon layers of clothing, it could not help protect me against the winds of terror. The stairs leading to the house creaked one by one as if each one were about to break. As we approached the door, the moonlight

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