Halloween Descriptive Essay

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Halloween is one of the most magical times of the year. The sights, sounds, and tastes during this holiday are spectacular. From the sight of pointy witch hats to the taste of the chocolaty, peanut buttery Reese’s cups to the sound of chilling, eerie music, there is something to appeal to everyone at Halloween. The sights of Halloween bring the autumn celebration to life. Red and blue capes flap in the wind as the super heroes hurry from house to house, collecting candy in their bright orange pumpkins. Gray tombstones declaring, “Here Lies Dead Fred,” cover the dewy lawns. Illuminated, plump orange pumpkins with smiling faces line the sidewalks. Leggy black spiders and furry bats hang from trees, waiting to pounce on the trick-or-treaters. The sights of Halloween are creepy and exciting all at once! Halloween night is also filled with magical sounds. Children giggle happily as they skip from house to house, collecting bags full of sweetness. Leaves crunch and twigs snap under their little feet as they walk purposefully to each house. Eerie music fills the streets, making everyone feel that they are part of a horror movie. Frightened little children sometimes shriek with fear when an older kid jumps out from behind a bush and yells, “BOO!” The sounds of this night create a spooky, scary mood. The sweet taste of success is the favorite for most! After a long night of begging for treats, kids and parents sort through bags of tasty treats. Kids make piles of chocolate treats; there are dozens of chocolates, filled with tasty peanut butter, rich caramel, crunchy nuts, or airy nougat. Sticky gummy bears, sour gum, and spicy Red Hots take over another pile of treats. The third pile is filled with salty chips and pretzels, crisp apples, and bottles of syrupy Hugs. To end the night, the costumed bees and bears cuddle up on the couch,

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