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Development Description Analysis (How does the development affect the current U.S. health care system?) 1. Cancer Prevention Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. According to the World Health Organization, “at least one-third of all cancer cases are preventable”. Therefore, cancer prevention methods are one of the most significant developments in the evolution of health care. Early detection programs, vaccines, and readily available information regarding the causes of cancer are just some of the prevention methods available. With health care costs constantly on the rise, it is important for the public and health care professionals to take steps to lower those costs. “Prevention offers the most cost-effective long-term strategy for the control of cancer” (Cancer Prevention). Cancer prevention methods follow the wellness model of health care thus helping lower costs within the health care system. 2. Hospice In 1963, the idea for specialized care for the dying was introduced to the United States (History of Hospice Care). Since that time, the use of hospice services has grown dramatically in the United States. Terminally ill patients are treated in their homes allowing them to be more comfortable in their final days. Hospice care also works with the families of the dying allowing them to be a part of the final days of their family member and hospice care is available to help the family members by providing counselors, home health care and other methods of care. With the introduction of hospice care, it is no longer necessary for a terminally ill patient to have to spend their final days in a hospital or at home alone with no treatment. Hospice care provides what close to nine in ten adults would prefer when it comes to their final days, to die in their homes, free of pain, surrounded by family and loved ones (Hospice: It’s About How You

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