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Kali Mitchell Mrs. Elliott English 1101 28 September 2012 Madonna of the new millennium “Forbes recently ranked her the most powerful and influential entertainer in the world. She has hundreds of fan Web sites, a video game, a Pepsi commercial, dozens of dolls in her image, a charity foundation, a movie, three hit albums, and multitudinous music videos-all before the age of 21” (Peters). Without a doubt, this is Britney Spears. She is anything but ordinary to the pop music industry. She deserves to be in our hall of fame because she beat her underprivileged childhood, for holding many awards and recognitions for her popular singles, for her amazing comeback from a tragic downfall, and her charity work. Despite having all of her success before the age of twenty one, Britney did not grow up being fed with silver spoons. With her parents working paycheck to paycheck, her mother did all she could for Britney. She would get family, friends and neighbors to give Britney dancing, singing and gymnastics lessons. At ten years old, her diligence and determination had paid off. She was given the opportunity to be on the show Star Search. Unfortunately, she lost within the second round of the show and her career had yet to takeoff in the right direction, so she returned to school to do the whole “prom thing.” After working at school all day, she came home and began the work on her career. Spending countless hours working with Larry Rudolph, “a New York entertainment lawyer,” looking for a record label to sign her, Britney finally got the jump she needed and signed with Jive Records in 1999 (Peters). Spears knew what she wanted and she never gave up on her dream; she gave it all she could and her hard work definitely shows her success. Being successful in the music industry takes a lot of time and effort, props to Britney for starting out at a young age and still doing it

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