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Sarah Miles Professor Sommo Social Stratification February 11, 2015 Half the Sky “Half the Sky” was written by a married couple Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. They have won numerous prizes over the years for their outstanding work and writing skills. The work the couple published in the novel “Half the Sky” is a series of essays and anecdotes that have been worked together to form one large piece of work. The first half of the novel consists of stories of young women, mostly in developing countries, and the dangers they face during their daily lives. The second half is ideas of particular ways solutions can occur. Many of the young womens' stories consist of rape, drugs, brothels, abandonment, diseases, starvation, imprisonment, and embarrassment. Many traditions seen in foreign countries seem obscure to the United States. One cultural tradition is genital cutting of young women. The main countries that are portrayed throughout the novel are Ethiopia, Africa, Sweden, Netherlands, Pakistan, etc. Many of the young women are living mainly shacks due to poor living conditions, and almost all don't have proper means of transportation. Since transportation is an issue among these helpless young women, many of them are unable to finish school, if attend at all, and also be able to seek the proper health care. Without the proper health care given to the women, many of them contract diseases such as AIDS. Women that are pregnant pass on horrific diseases if the child even makes it to full term. Kristof and WuDunn's work shows how some young women want to be seen as more than just a statistic. Some women stand up for what they believe in and have their voices be heard far and wide. Kristof and WuDunn strongly urge people to seek out and help these young women in need. Many people who have their amazing stories shared with the readers, have done so already.

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