Half a Day and the Kite Runner

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Amid The Worries Has there been a time where you’ve had to leave home against your will? Were you scared and had trouble adjusting to a new way of life? In the allegorical tale, Half a Day, life could be explained with a simple quote, “Nothing lay ahead of us but exertion, struggle, and perseverance. Those who were able took advantage of the opportunities for success and happiness that presented themselves amid the worries” (Mahfouz 1). The novel, The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini and the story, Half a Day, by Naguib Mahfouz are very similar in the way the main character goes about his own life. Amir, the protagonist of, The Kite Runner, and Naguib from, Half a Day, both encounter the theme of struggle in different but similar aspects of their life. From the characters interactions with their father, leaving their homes against their will and having to adjust, to returning home and viewing how life has changed, these two character grow and preserver throughout each story. Amir, the intelligent and sensitive son of Baba, have their fair share of issues throughout the novel. The expectations set by each other of their father son relationship make it so that it is unobtainable to have the relationship each other want. Amir wants Baba all to himself in the novel and has trouble ac accepting the fact that’s now how it’s going to be. Baba does not value Amir because he is weak in his eyes. This relationship is dynamic in that it changes in the novel because they finally realize they only have each other after enduring tough tests along the way. Naguib the young boy in Half a Day has a different relationship with his dad than Amir to Baba. It is Naguib’s first day of school and he is nervous at the gates, his father encouraging him states, “Be a man, Today you truly begin life. You will find me waiting for you when it's time to leave” (Mahfouz 1). This quote

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