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Characteristics and Environments of a Human Service Organization Ashley L. Butler BSHS 461 January 27, 2014 Timothy Wong Hale Kipa The local organization chosen is Hale Kipa (which in Hawaiian means house of friendliness (Kipa, 2013)) is a program that offers a chance and setting that support and inspire teens, their relatives and communities to understand their capability and public obligation. Established in 1970, Hale Kipa was formed by a group of apprehensive civilians troubled by the increasing number of runaway teens. Thus began a shelter for adolescents in need. Over the last 40 years, the range of services provided by the program has since grown in both numbers and the amount of programs that Hale Kipa has. Over the years the program has increased to meet the changing needs of the community. During this time over thousands of youth in Hawaii have been supported and today Hale Kipa is licensed as both a child placing and child-caring agency in Hawaii by Hawaii State Department of Human Services. The organization still maintains emergency shelters, resident therapeutic living programs, foster homes and an array of independent living programs, as well as outreach and prevention programs throughout the community. The mission statement is to “provide opportunities and environments that strengthen and encourage youth, their families and communities to actualize their potential and social responsibility.” (Kipa, 2013) Hale Kipa is governed by a Chief Executive Officer Punky Pletan-Cross and a Deputy Chief Executive Officer is Jaque Kelley-Uyeoka, There is also a board of directors which consist of ten board members who are officers and five staff members. Each program under Hale Kipa holds their own meetings and the head of the meeting reports back to the board members. The members implement safety, rules, regulations, risk assessments and any decision

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