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“I Have Autism” By Hakaraia Haira My name is Hakaraia but I like to be called Haka and I have autism. I am not the only kid who has autism. There are other kids who have autism, too. I didn’t do anything to get autism. I was just born with it. You can’t tell that I have autism by looking at me, but my brain works a little differently sometimes and that can make some things hard for me. Some things that are hard for me… I am afraid of the toilet. I do not like to sit on my bottom. I find it hard to tell if something is not safe. I find it really hard to stay in one place. I need to jump around. I find clothes and shoes really yucky. I find it hard to meet new friends and sometimes hide my eyes. I find it really hard to share and take turns. I am trying to learn these things but I need help from my friends. I also have a lot of trouble knowing when I make my friends sad or angry. Please be patient with me. I have a lot of trouble knowing if I am hurting my friends or if you do not want to play with me. I also have trouble knowing if the game is finished and knowing the rules of games. Please do not play fighting games with me. Sometimes I feel bad when I have trouble doing these things, but I need to remember that there are lots of other things I am really good at. I really like colours. My favourite colour is red. I like red cars and blocks best. I also like shapes. My favourite shape is a circle and I like to spin in circles and play with wheels. I am really good at counting and numbers. Counting things makes me happy. My favourite number is. I like to makes groups of three things or find number 3’s in the environment Sometimes I get stuck on things. I can’t stop thinking or talking about certain things, or I do things over and over or I only want to do things in one special way. Some things I get stuck on…

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