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John Restrepo Shelly DeBlasis, Professor ENG 101 Section 035 1/26/10 Rough Draft "Each of us as human beings has a responsibility to reach out to help our brothers and sisters affected by disasters. One day it may be us or our loved ones needing someone to reach out and help." Stated by Michael W. Hawkins of the Red Cross, it seems as if America is ready to face a crisis head on. Why you ask? On January 12, 2010 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck near the Haitian capital Port-Au-Prince as the country went to ruins and a cry for help was evident throughout the universe. Disaster response teams were contacted throughout a variety of countries as several efforts and relief programs immediately put themselves to work. Haiti has received aid from United States relief organizations such as The American Red Cross, NetHope, Save the Children, World Vision International, Care, MercyCorps, and UNICEF. Throughout all this aid given to this Haitian country in despair and need, there is still belief the United States could be profiting from this crisis. United States corporations, private mercenaries, Washington and the International Monetary Fund are believed to be using the crisis to make a profit, promote unpopular neoliberal policies, and extend military and economic control over Haiti. The real need in this country right now is a form of security and stability as much of its infrastructure and government services have been destroyed. The United States have now sent in thousands of marines and taken over the capital airport. The word crisis is one that is of significant impact and is usually something that can put a country in not only complete and total chaos, but also desperation. Why is the country of Haiti in such a crisis and what has led to such need for reform in this country? Already one of the if not the poorest country in the Western

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