Haiti History Essay

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Iyer’s “Why We Travel” begins with a dialogue of a multitude of reasons people chose to travel. Pico Iyer mainly focuses on travels for the purpose of pleasure, new experiences or personal gain. He makes some generalizations pertaining to the motives that people have to travel, but also omits other important reasons that people may have for traveling. He excludes people who travel for work or those escaping their country for political reasons (ie. seeking political asylum). There are also people who travel for humanitarian work and other philanthropic causes. Maybe, if he included those other reasons, the article might have taken another route altogether. Suffice it to say, Iyer compares his travel experiences to that of falling in love and draws from other people’s emotions in an attempt to bring to mind the experiences and memories that will capture the reader’s imagination of what one experiences during their journey. Iyer can find appreciation in the “stress on work” for as an incentive down the road lies a gratification in the “stress on a holiday” where he revels in the “great joy of traveling” as “simply the luxury of leaving all my beliefs and certainties at home and seeing everything I thought I knew in a different light”. There are so many people in the general public that have not experienced the pleasures expressed here, but there are also those who can relate. His attempts to share these experiences might allow the reader to consider a broader view as to what can be gained through traveling outside of our own comfort zones “and learn more about the world than our newspapers will accommodate.” I feel Iyer illustrates a beautiful portrait of what he experienced for the reader’s imagination and presented many ideas about varied destinations, his encounters with people from exotic locations and immersing oneself in a different culture
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