Haiti Essay

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Even though there is a lot of evil in the world, People try to overcome that evil by helping other people in need, such as helping the people in Haiti’s natural disaster. There are also a lot of people in the world that like to bring evil, such as committing murders and bringing pain and suffering to families. What one learns is that people unite and come together after a tragedy, and that good things come after. On January, 12,2010 there was a catastrophe in Haiti. Haiti was absolutely destroyed. They had no shelter, food, or water and without any medical staff because most of the hospitals were destroyed too. The people in Haiti were struggling and families were being destroyed. They were desperately in need of resources. Our government and the people felt bad for Haiti so we started a lot of charities and organizations just to help them out. A local teen named Joe M. Lorea made a relief program for Haiti called Teen Artist Benefit. The idea of this program is about a bunch of young talented kids get together and show their talent such as singing and dancing to help out. This shows that people do care and even though something bad has happened the goodness of people can make it better. Thousands of people get murdered everyday. To help families overcome their grief a group of people launched a charitable fund to help defray burial cost to help them mange with their everyday life. This fund was the first of its kind. The reason why they made this group was because families of homicide victims were forced to cope with funeral expenses right after the death of a loved one. The state pays for some of the cost for funerals but not a lot. The money they give them will help them a lot and will help them “not worry about the money and set the time aside to grieve for the lost loved one and begin the process of healing” said Brown. This charity was a

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