Haiti Country Profile Report

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Country Profile report of Haiti Made by: Alice Contents: Page 1: Introduction Page 2: Geography Page 3: History Page 4: Economy Page 5: Environment Page 6: Climate Page 7: Culture Page 8: The problems that haiti faces and why Page 9: MDG and specific target Page 10: Project and detailed plan on how to achieve it In Humanities class we had to make a country profile report about an LEDC country and we had just sawn a movie on the poverty in Haiti. So, I chose Haiti. Haiti, is a country in the Hispaniola. Haiti is a country which is in a very poor state and is a less economically developed country (LEDC).The objective of this country profile report is to give a general idea of Haiti, why it became so poor, some interesting facts on Haiti and ways that we could make any difference in the lives of the Haitian people. I am also going to focus on one target from the first Millennium Development goal. The target I will focus on is going to be the third target. To collect the information I gathered, I used the internet, as can be seen in my bibliography. Unfortunately I was not able to find any books, magazines or newspapers and I couldn’t interview anybody. Why Haiti is so poor? Historical reason One of the historical reasons for Haiti being poor began on the 5th of December, 1492 when Christopher Columbus came upon a very big island in the Western part of the Atlantic Ocean, that later was known to be the Caribbean. The people who lived there were known as the Taíno and Arawakan people. Some of them called their large island Ayiti, others Bohio and the rest Kiskeya. Columbus and his men claimed the island and called it the La Isla Española, which is the Spanish island in English. It was later called Hispaniola, which is the name we give it now. Christopher Columbus took
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