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Haiti Introduction to Sociology Abstract The United State of America is known as the “Great American Melting Pot”. This is a place where people come from in pursuit of a dream of freedom. There are many ways to enter into this country legally. Many take another route and try to reach the United States by any means necessary. Upon doing so, the scales are not even when some get turned away. The difference in the policy is race. Haiti is located on the island of Hispaniola. The Dominican Republic shares the island. It sits between Cuba and Puerto Rico. This is an island with persons of African decent that was once a French colony. Haiti declared its independence from France in 1804 and was known as the first Black republic. Haiti is considered the poorest country in the West (Gunter, 2010). Haiti also has a history of political violence. This country has suffered through Civil war, military revolts, and political assassinations. In 1915, when foreign-owned property began to be destroyed, the United States began to occupy Haiti. In 1957, Francois Duvalier also known as Papa Doc installed a dictatorship. His bloody terror tactics helped him maintain his power. When he died, his son "Baby Doc" took power. Haitians continued to suffer under poverty, government corruption, and often feared death (Constitutional Rights Foundation, 2010). In 1986, after "Baby Doc" was forced to escape Haiti, a five-member council took charge of the government. It promised democratic elections, but failed to make good on the promise. Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Roman Catholic priest, spoke on behalf of Haiti's poor. In 1988, armed men attacked Aristide's church and killed 13 of his members. Aristide went into hiding. The first truly democratic election held in Haiti's 200-year history was in 1990. The United States and the United Nations forced a

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