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Abstract This paper gives a comprehensive overview of a sociological approach to understanding the people of Haiti by explaining their culture, ways of life, beliefs, and problems they face daily. There are many different problems in Haiti, but this paper focuses on the poverty that is in Haiti affecting eighty percent of the population. Word Count: 53 The Struggles of Poverty in the Culture of Haiti Haiti is a beautiful island nation that is part of Hispaniola. Haiti started out as a French colony flourishing with wealth from sugarcane and coffee. People flocked everywhere to this paradise. Little did anyone know, ninety percent of the population were slaves. Haiti was anything but flourishing. The white plantation owners ruled the black slaves with torture and fear; until one day they decided to rise above and create the first successful slave rebellion in history. The whites fled in fear and the now free slaves were left with little to nothing. Over the past two hundred years Haiti has been trying to find its place in the world. For the first hundred years people revered Haiti because it was run by “inferior black men”. Since Haiti has been tabooed and held a social stigma of being inferior and malignant, the people struggle daily with money, food, and education. But what the world doesn’t see is how Haiti truly lives. Many people only see what is portrayed on the media, but the real questions are: 1. What is it like to live in Haiti? 2. What struggles do Haitians persevere through daily? 3. What do Haitians value and believe in? 4. What is Haiti’s biggest problem? This sociological overview of Haiti focuses mainly on these topics and is broken down into sections to grasp the culture and problems of Haiti in today’s society globally. “I think Haiti is a place that suffers so much from neglect that people only want to hear about it when

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