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Haiti The cultural universals of Haiti Holly Staroska Haiti means mountainous country, it is described as if someone crumpled a piece of paper and threw it on the earth. Not only does Haiti resemble a crumpled paper but also viewed as a crumpled society. A country that once was forested with lush green tropical trees and Caribbean pine is now a barren area due to logging. Similar to the society, once filled with travelers, farmers and skilled artists all working together has now diminished into a society filled with poverty, disease, and lack of water and food. Haiti’s people have encountered many struggles that have made there culture the way they are today. Unemployment is very high in Haiti, 6 out of 10 people are illiterate and more than a quarter of the children suffer from malnutrition. An average household makes an income of only 250 American dollars a year. In America a person could spend that amount on a shopping trip or a day out with the family. Slavery would never cross the minds of American children but in Haiti seven percent of the children are enslaved some young as three years old. They often suffer sexual, emotional, physical abuse and sometimes death. Seventy percent of the population lives below poverty level. Haiti has two official languages, French and Creole. In 1987 French was the only official language. Creole was than recognized as the second official language. Large quantities of people only speak Creole and are without question is the most prevalent language in Haiti. Haitian Creole combines ninety percent of its words from French. It also has words combined from African languages such as Arawak, Taynos, Caraibes, Spanish and English. There are two theories as to how Creole was developed. One is that the language was used as a form of communication between masters and enslaved people. And

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