Hait vs American Essay

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Haiti is an island nation that lies only 681 miles from Miami, Florida. Yet its culture and its people are immensely different from those in America, only a short plane ride away. Separated and isolated from the rest of the world by the great warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, this island nation, populated by the descendents of slaves and native islanders, live a lifestyle that is full of hardships. Yet, despite lacking in the modern luxuries that are readily available in the United States, they also live a vibrant life full of flavorful food, music, dance, ritual and celebration. There are many differences in the way in which people lives their lives in Haiti versus in America, including schooling, work, members of an average household and religious leanings, and while not all of these differences are bad, it is obvious that the great disparity of wealth between the two nations has led one to thrive and prosper and the other to struggle for simple daily survival. Haiti is a third world nation while the USA is a first world nation. While the two share vastly different living standards due to the prosperity of the nation, both share a strong sense of nationalism to their nation (Swartz) While Americans may show this pride in putting an American flag sticker on the back of their care, the average Haitian may wear a soccer jersey of the national team, which is a great source of pride for Haitians rich and poor. Most Haitians live in rural areas whereas most Americans live in urban areas. As of 2011, 60% “of Haitians lived in provincial villages, hamlets and homesteads across the rural landscape (Swartz).” Daily life for an average rural Haitian includes tending the family farm animals, cleaning the home, and preparing food. In Haiti, families live in extended groups with multiple generations under one roof. Not all young Haitian children go to school as they

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