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. EGG Eggs are great for more than our nutrition. These goodies are filled with healthy fats and proteins perfect for all natural hair treatments. If you have hair that is prone to oil, use only the egg whites; hair that is dry should go for the egg yolks. Mix about 1/2 a cup of whichever part of the egg fits your needs and slather it on unwashed, damp hair. Here is the kicker: to get the full effect, the egg must stay on for twenty minutes. Once you have handled your (literal) egg head for twenty minutes, rinse with cool water and clean your hair as usual. . BAKING SODA Everything from our hairspray to our shampoo can leave unwanted residue behind. If your hair gets weighed down easily or never feels clean, try a baking soda rinse to get rid of that extra residue. Mix two tablespoons baking soda with about a half cup of water, then massage the mixture into the hair from the scalp to ends. Let this mixture set for about fifteen minutes, then rinse and wash as usual. This treatment can be applied twice a month, or whenever hair is needing some extra cleaning. OLIVE OIL AND LEMON If you ever get an itchy scalp, this hair remedy may become your new best friend. Scalps can itch for many reasons including an allergic reaction to haircare products, stress, and dry weather. This olive oil and lemon mixture will reduce flaking and add some extra moisture for dry skin. Combine two tablespoons lemon juice (fresh is best), olive oil, and water, then massage onto your scalp. Let the mixture set for about twenty minutes, then rinse and wash as usual. The lemon will help exfoliate your scalp while the olive oil moisturizes. COCONUT BUTTER Coconut butter is fantastic for our body’s nutrition, and for our hair’s health. Like eggs, coconut butter is high in proteins and fatty acids, but it also reduces UV damage on our skin and hair. Massage about one

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