Hair Remedies Essay

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Home Remedies for Hair Growth 1. Onion juice- smelly but effective remedy for hair growth Onion does not only give your food taste, but it also makes your hair multiply and grow effectively. Why? Because onion juice has sulphur in it which boosts the production of collagen tissues. These tissues assist in re – growth of your hair. You will only need red onions, even shallots would do. Directions: • Take 2 to 4 onions. • First grate the onions and squeeze the juice out of them. • With this fresh onion juice,massage your scalp. • Let it stay on for, preferably one hour. If not, leave it there at least for 15 minutes. • Then wash off your hair with water and a mild shampoo. Alternative method for using onion for hair growth If you are scared of irritation and tears in eyes due to grating of onions while taking out its juice, you can use onions in another way. Here’s what you need to do: • Chop 4-5 onions. • Take a liter of water and boil it. • Add the chopped onions into the boiling water. • Let it boil with the onions inside for another 5-10 minutes. • Remove it from the stove and let the water cool down. • Now strain it and use the water to wash your hair after using shampoo. • Do not rinse your hair with other water that day,if you can stand the smell. Next day shampoo your hair and use clean water to wash it off. • If you can’t stand the smell, at least do not wash off with clean water for an hour. After that shampoo and rinse your hair with clean water. Onion not only lends your hair with a fabulous sheen but also helps in re growth of hair. 2. Potato Juice- yet another vegetable that helps your hair grow No, we are not in a vegetable juice shop nor are we cooking food in your kitchen but these vegetables can really do miracles when it comes to hair growth. Same as with

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