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Joshua Abalos’ Intro to Theatre Play Analysis October 23, 2012 Hair Analysis The play Hair here at Aurania Campus was quite the experience. Something most doesn’t get to experience with a play. The personal aspect was that much deeper than most prior experienced. It messed with your emotions. The laughing, to deep thinking, to the astonishing scene that nobody seen coming, was all part of the experience the audience took part in. The characters were dressed apprioately at first sight for the time period. The 1960’s wasn’t as classy as the modern era. The hair was flowing, the clothes were dragging, and the energy was extravagant. Joey, who played one of the main characters, was one who brought the play to life the most. Comparing him to the others, there is no comparison. The emotion in his face proved he was into the character. The notes he hit while singing proved to us, he had his act together. And most importantly, when it was his time to step back and allow somebody else the lead. He blended perfectly well. It was amazing to watch really. The actions he did with each and every part given were that of a person from that era. The facial hair, the words spoken, and the adlib at points were all on key. He, to me, made the play. If he wasn’t the characters he was it would have been completely different. The energy he brought was enough to carry all the others. Claude, another one of the characters, also did a phenomenal job. He was the “pretty boy” of the play. Long flowing hair, muscles, no under shirt, and a great smile, was all included. The chicks were prowling, and so was the government. The perfect soldier he is for the draft taking place. His outfit changes from that of the modern hippy, to the soldier lost in his dream. The camouflage was not supposed to be on him, but it appears anyways. It would be hard how well the lighting was used.

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