Haimes V. Temple Univeristy University Hospital Case Study

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LEGAL AND ETHICAL ENVIRONMENT: TORTS AND PRODUCT LIABILITY 1 Critical Thinking in the Legal Environment University of Maryland University College AMBA 610.9045 February 21, 2012 Prof. James E. Kennedy LEGAL AND ETHICAL ENVIRONMENT: TORTS AND PRODUCT LIABILITY 2 Abstract In Haimes v. Temple University Hospital (1986) and Vandevender v. Sheetz (1997), the cases provide us with facts and issues that we are able to analyze and apply critical thinking methods. By identifying the applicable laws we can determine whether the courts ruling in favor of the plaintiff or defendant was an appropriate decision. We can also use the facts of the can to uncover the ethical and legal issues. Based on general opinion I am able to discuss…show more content…
Temple University Hospital, 1986). Haimes v. Temple University Hospital (1986) states, these psychic abilities are referred to as clairvoyant, clairaudient, psychometrize, or precognitive. Haimes claims to have had clairvoyant experiences, but mainly had the ability to read auras (Haimes v. Temple Univeristy Hospital, 1986). The case defines an aura as a light or glow that surrounds a person or object (1986). “By interpreting the shapes, colors, sizes and flecks of the aura, an aura reader can discover different things about the individual, including things about the subject's past and future” (Haimes v. Temple University Hospital, 1986, p. 4). Prior to the plaintiff completing a computerized axiotomography (CT Scan), she provided services consisting of aura reading and psychic counseling out of an office in New Castle, Delaware in which she opened in 1969 (Haimes v. Temple University Hospital, 1986). A CT scan is a type diagnostic x-ray. According to Haimes v. Temple University Hospital (1986) in September of 1976, the consultation with Dr. Max Ronis was a result of a suggestion by a physician, the plaintiff’s client, to check for suspected tumors. Haimes had about 14 or…show more content…
In both cases a situation is experienced that causes previous health issues to arise. The Issues In the case of Vandevender v. Sheetz, Inc., the issues are whether Sheetz committed an unlawful termination or refusal to enable Cheryl Vandevender to apply for rehire or return to work. According to Vandevender v. Sheetz, “The type of evidence presented against Sheetz

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