Haier Global Expansion Strategy

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Haier, a well-known brand in China, founded in 1984 and started from a small plant on the verge of bankruptcy, by innovation and implementing JIT manufacturing system in the past 30 years, today, Haier had become the industry leader in Chinese home appliance market. With the increasing competition in China domestic market, more and more follower and copier came in, Haier has to look for a long turn and stable profit growth by extending business realm to other countries. North America was the first target for expansion, initially, Haier approach the US market through export, however they found that the customer loyalty of Made in China was very low within US consumer, also the exports was restricted by US government policies. in 1999, Haier invented and opened first overseas factory in Camden, South Carolina, start their localization way in US. Through attacking the Niche marketing in US, Chinese brand but made in US, Haier’s brand recognized by US consumer immediately and achieved remarkable performance in US market. Nowadays, in the U.S., Haier brand appliances are sold in Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Office Depot, Target and many others. Although Haier made very big success in US market by investment in plant and manufacture, but the high cost of the United States almost swallowed the accumulation of low-cost advantage in the Chinese market, Haier started reconsidering the globalization strategy, in 2005, Haier spent 2.3 billion USD merged the third biggest home appliance brand in US, Maytag. Haier is achieving the success in US market one after another. In recent years, Haier is trying to build their brand image in Europe and Japan, these two markets which are unable to be overlooked if we talk about home appliance industry. Especially made in Germany and made in Japan. However, the sharp falls of economy on Europe and Japan market, Europeans and Japan

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