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Najaf finds what he thinks is a solitary place where he can hide his distress from others. He recalls a folk song of his native land and begins to sing it softly. Najaf and his family are living in the northern Afghan city of Mazar-e-Sharif, having moved from the small village of Shar Shar after the death of Najaf’s father. During a visit to the city by the President of Afghanistan, Najaf and his family become the innocent victims of a bungled assassination attempt on the dignitary. Two 9 high-explosive Mujahedin rockets strike the family home, killing Najaf’s younger brother and his brother-in-law. Najaf, his mother, and his older brother are seriously wounded. Najaf and his fellow detainees are not allowed to watch television or listen to the radio. Najaf asks for work to relieve the tedium and is given a job in the camp kitchen. Najaf is 8 years old. The Soviet Union has invaded Afghanistan in support of the communist government in Kabul, precipitating a civil war. Najaf’s father has died, but life in the village of Shar Shar continues as it has for centuries. In tribal tradition, Najaf’s oldest brother assumes the position as head of the family and Najaf carries on his task of caring for the family’s flock of sheep; attendance at the village school is fitted around this responsibility. Najaf considers schoolwork a waste of time, preferring the days on the mountainside with his dog to the stern discipline of the classroom. Najaf finds his third interview in Woomera confusing. He struggles to understand the intent of the questions and wonders why the Department of Immigration officers can’t see that he would become a hard-working and responsible member of the Australian community. He becomes distressed when questions about his family revive painful memories of the death of his brother, Gorg Ali. Najaf’s family, now headed by his gentle

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