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Analyze and Evaluate: 1. Compare your observations using the two 30mL syringes with air and water. What differences did you notice … a) When you added no resistance? b) When you added resistance? (No resistance) Air: when passing air through the two 30mL syringes, the process is belated. When syringe A is pushed down, syringe B dose not act immediately to the pressure apply by syringe B. this is because the particles in air(gas) are farther apart, therefore allowing more space and time for the particles to impact together before moving as a whole. Water: when passing water through the two 30mL syringes, syringe B acts immediately against the force applied by syringe A, meaning the water is instantly passed from syringe A to B. This is because, unlike air, the particles in water are tightly impacted together, causing syringe B to act right away. (With resistance) Air: with resistance, syringe A can still be pushed a little towards syringe B. this is because particles in air are spread out; there are room in between to particles. That is why when syringe A is pressed down, the particles compressed together tightly causing the syringe to move a little before the particles were impacted too tightly for the syringe to move Water: water particles are different from gas particles. Water has very little compressibility. Particles in water are much more compacted together, therefore giving no space for them to compress more. This is the reason why with resistance, syringe A will not move as the particles in water are as tightly compressed together as they can get. 2. What did you notice when you used tubing of different lengths between he syringes? I noticed that when the tubing was longer, it was harder to push one syringe towards the other. Greater force was needed. When the tubing was shorter it was easier to force the
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